Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dancamos com Backstreet Boys, conversamos sobre Michael Jackson e accordo com Eminem (oh and a Piri update tambem)

So yesterday the family that lives behind the house I am staying in had a Backstreet Boys music video marathon on their TV. So the other volunteer and I along with Piri-Piri had a dance party in the yard to Backstreet Boys – incredible! Oh yea and the father of that same family has been quite interested in learning about Michael Jackson – asking about women in his life, his kids, how he died, whether he was cremated, etc…Needless to say I don’t know enough about the man because many of his questions remain unanswered. Oh yea and the eldest son of that same family LOVES Eminem and he has been playing the same 1 or 2 songs from morning until night for the past few weeks…he asked me last week if I would help him translate the lyrics to the “Momma” (I don’t know the real name of the song) song and I told him I would as long as he promised to not play it every single day! J For all of you who who are dog lovers…Piri is doing well she has been going on morning runs with my roommate, which is tuckers her out she also still brings us presents of goat skins, old bones of random animals and the newest thing are dirty baby diapers! I am teaching her to sit, stay and sleep…we’ve almost mastered sit and will be moving on soon!

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