Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Escola Secudaria em Mozambique

The secondary education system in Mozambique is set up in two cycles – the first cycle is 8th-10th grade and the second cycle is 11th and 12th. Students have to take national exams after 10th grade and 12th grade in November if they pass they can move on to 11th grade after 10th or university after 12th. If they don’t pass they can retake the exams in December and if they still don’t pass they have to retake the courses they did not pass on the exam. All secondary schools in Mozambique are open to any one who wants to go to school and the classes are not determined on the age of the students, but whether or not they have passed the previous grade. For instance, there could be a 16 year or and a 36 year old in the same 11th grade class. The school is set up on a trimester system – the first trimester is January to April, the second is May to July and the third is August to October. There are three cycles of classes at most schools one in the morning, one in the afternoon and then one at night. The schools that do not have electricity will only have two cycles during the day because it makes it impossible to hold classes at night without electricity.

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