Sunday, January 2, 2011

"Voce conhece crocodillos?"

This is the question I get at least once a week by the same people who I meet alongside the main road in my town…those people include a man by the name Manuel who sells used clothes a few building down from where I live, a women who sells refrescos near the central market, the chicken vendor and many others I may come into contact on my passear-ing journey to the “ponte” or bridge that goes over the Limpopo River and connects Guija with Chokwe. This is definitely my favorite spot. There is a little baraaca at the end of town right off the river where you can get a drink and relax. Typically everyone who frequents this spot sits at the tables provided by the barraca, but we take our drinks and go sit on some rocks under the bridge where you can watch the beautiful sunsets and catch the nice breeze off the rio. The thing about going to the ponte is that everyone in town enjoys bringing up the fact that the river is home to crocodillos and how it is dangerous for me to go there because one man has been eaten and a month before I arrived another had his arm bitten off while bathing in the river at night (I think he had to be asking for that…who thinks to bathe in a river with crocs when it is pitch black outside?) Anyways I reassure people that I am not taking a bath or even entering the water in any way, but they are usually not satisfied because the conversation replays itself each time. I know they are only looking out for my well being and I appreciate it, but I have decided that I will not give up frequenting this incredible spot for the fear of having my arm bitten off by a croc.

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